Data Center

  • 2N Redundant
  • 14MW
  • 24/7/365 NOC
The Data Centre in Kragujevac, which opened in December 2020,
is the most modern facility of this type in the region, intended for the storage of data and equipment.

The data centre is located on a parcel of 4ha, data centre consist of 2 buildings total of 14.000m2
with an installed power supply with a full capacity of 14MW and capacity of 1080 Rack Cabinet.

The building is designed and built according to the highest technical and safety standards 
that meets the highest reliability standard of 99.995% – TIER 4.

IT equipment power supply

Equipment power supply in the IT modules is done with 2N redundancy.

IT modules are powered by two substations so that in the event of failure, the other can fully take over the primacy in providing a steady power supply.

In the event of a network stop, there are redundant diesel generators on-premises as backup power – with power for each IT module of 2500kVA. Generators start automatically when power disappears from the network. The autonomy of the operation of the diesel generator is 96h without refilling, while the time of establishing stable voltage from the generator is less than 60s.

Until then, the equipment power supply is fully done by UPS devices, from which redundant power is also provided. This provides a stable voltage at all times, which is necessary due to the sensitivity of IT equipment. In this way, redundancy is provided at all levels, so that the equipment is not left without electricity at any point in time.

Cooling solutions for IT Equipment

Cooling of IT equipment is realized using chillers and In-Row units - cooling devices, which are placed between IT equipment.

The layout of In-Row units is such that inside the mini IT module, a "warm" and "cold" zone is formed. In-Row units pull warm air out of the warm zone, cool it down and insert it into the cold zone. IT equipment is assembled in that way so that cold air from the cold zone is used for cooling, and heated air is thrown into the warm zone. This provides stable air circulation and efficient cooling of the equipment. The cooling fluid, which is heated in In-Row units, is used via a heat pump to prepare hot water, which is used for heating the building, so the Data Center boasts a high level of energy efficiency.
In each mini IT module, there are 8 In-Row units, connected in two cooling circles - four in one. In alarm mode, if there is a malfunction in one of the hydraulic circuit, the cooling is fully taken over by the other, thus accomplishing the redundant in terms of cooling IT equipment.

Telecommunications connections

The Data centre is carrier neutral.

It is possible to connect to all present operators/providers in the data centre. Connecting with providers is done through meet me room (MMR), whereby recommendations for structural cable with two access points (Provider 1 and Provider 2) are applied, ensuring the full redundancy of the system.

Fire protection

Systems for automatic detection and activation of fire extinguishers are performed with state-of-the-art technologies.

The entire facility is covered by stable fire detection and tip system with the aim of minimising fire danger.

IT modules are additionally covered with the early fire detection system, which continuously causes air to signal the possible appearance of smoke particles and therefore herald a potential fire. All key points of the building, including IT modules, are protected by the fire activation system. This system processes all the necessary elements for the successful extinguishment of the eventual fire with gas Novec™1230. The realization of shutdown in this way is safe for humans and equipment and does not affect damage to the ozone layer in case of discharge goes into the atmosphere.

Technical protection

The technical protection system supervises all vital points in the interior of the building and perimeter with a total of 200 IP cameras.

Perimeter protection of the complex is realized through thermal cameras, cameras in the visible spectrum and Pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The system includes IC cameras for external space security, as well as cameras that fully cover the interior of the object.

Anti-burglary systems and access control systems are also integrated into the technical protection system, thus centralising the monitoring and management system.

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